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Image Upload Performance Testing Tips
We recently dealt with a particular application where the ability to upload various-sized images was considered mission-critical. We were not given response time goals. The only requirement here was the maximum allowable size of the image would be 3…
The DevOps Edition - The Software Testing Happy Hour Ep3
Welcome to the third episode of the Software Testing Happy Hour! This episode we sample scotch ales from around the world while discussing the importance of DevOps and the steps it takes to get there.
Don't Overlook Your Regression Testing
Today, we're going to discuss regression testing, which is a topic that is so common that people feel as though there's not much more they can learn about it and, yet, it's interesting because when it comes to strategic test planning, it's…
Verification vs Validation
In my career, I have had the excellent fortune of providing consulting and expertise to well over 260 organizations. One of the most common questions I get asked is if there was any one particular thing an organization can do to improve their software…
The Software Testing Happy Hour Episode 2
Welcome to the second episode of the Software Testing Happy Hour! This episode we sample local Tampa brewery, Coppertail, while discussing the top four frustrations of software engineers, our favorite presentations from the 2018 Automation Guild and…
Quality In a Quick Video Series
Join us for our weekly video series, Quality In a Quick, where we will be discussing all sorts of topics surrounding Quality Assurance and Software Testing in short segments.
The Software Testing Happy Hour - Episode 1
Welcome to the very first episode of the Software Testing Happy Hour! In this series, we will discuss current trends and news in the software testing industry, recent or upcoming releases, recommendations and more, all while sampling themed beer.
15 DevOps Terms Made Simple
It seems like these days you can't go a single day without hearing something about the DevOps movement. Like most things in tech though, people like to create new words or phrases for everything, which makes understanding things like DevOps more…
Are you down with UFT, yeah you know me!
At this point I would ask someone to drop a beat, but I know how old I am and how ridiculous that sounds. Speaking of ridiculousness, UFT 14.02 has dropped like a bomb full of trinkets of gratitude.
Continuous Improvement and Being Anti-Fragile in DevOps
With DevOps, failure isn't always a negative thing, it's a learning experience. High performing teams assume things are going to hit the fan here and there, so they build for fast detection and rapid recovery. That's the key to this and where…