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The Software Testing Happy Hour - Episode 1
Welcome to the very first episode of the Software Testing Happy Hour! In this series, we will discuss current trends and news in the software testing industry, recent or upcoming releases, recommendations and more, all while sampling themed beer.
15 DevOps Terms Made Simple
It seems like these days you can't go a single day without hearing something about the DevOps movement. Like most things in tech though, people like to create new words or phrases for everything, which makes understanding things like DevOps more…
Are you down with UFT, yeah you know me!
At this point I would ask someone to drop a beat, but I know how old I am and how ridiculous that sounds. Speaking of ridiculousness, UFT 14.02 has dropped like a bomb full of trinkets of gratitude.
Continuous Improvement and Being Anti-Fragile in DevOps
With DevOps, failure isn't always a negative thing, it's a learning experience. High performing teams assume things are going to hit the fan here and there, so they build for fast detection and rapid recovery. That's the key to this and where…
DevOps - The 3 Ways
DevOps is more than just automating the deployment pipeline. In the words of John Allspaw, DevOps is about, "Ops who think like devs. Devs who think like ops." Elaborating on that thought, Gene Kim explains The Three Ways as principles of DevOps:
JIRA Core and Agile/Scrum: Creating a Business Epic in JIRA Core
My August 28th blog post discussed applying Agile project management principles and a Scrum framework within a JIRA Core customized Project to manage the selection, configuration and go-live launch of a calendar solution for a business team.
The Four Categories of Performance Testing Metrics
Over the years, a set of four performance metric categories have become very valuable to me. ¬† Without the categories of 1) Workload, 2) Work, 3) Throughput, and 4) Experience, all the metrics that are available become a jumble. For example, somebody…
Moving On Up
Mergers can be difficult. For example, look at the Bank of America's acquisition of Countrywide in 2008 for $2.5 billion. Now with a loss standing at $47 billion and counting because of the housing crisis and toxic sub-prime mortgages, Bank of America…
Agile Scrum and the #1 Challenge: Culture Change
As many of you know and perhaps know all too well, there can be many challenges when transitioning from a traditional or hybrid SDLC to Scrum or any other Agile methodology for that matter. Today I want to focus on what appears to be the number 1 challenge‚Ķchange…
Getting Into the Head of a Performance Tester
Have you ever wondered, "What in the world is that Performance Tester thinking?" Let us enter the inner sanctum of the mysterious yet important world of a Performance Test Engineer's perspective. To do this, we'll peek into seven different…