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Next week at QUEST, I'm going to discuss many best practices to follow when performance testing. Today I'm going to talk about the importance of Performance Requirements. "What performance requirements?" has become a running punchline at many, if not most organizations. Continue reading
Software creation is an involved process that requires the skills of a number of individuals in order to be successful. Quality assurance testers have traditionally been given the short end of the stick in terms of available time to complete their tasks and tool provisioning. Continue reading
Nowadays, the risk of a data breach or security breach is higher than ever before! Especially for companies that posses some sort of critical information assets. Information assets such as customer data, trade secrets, intellectual property and corporate data are, at present time, often at risk of being hacked and leaked. Continue reading
It seems that everyone fears change, everyone except for HPE that is. With the release of UFT 14 some necessary and ultimately game changing revisions are on the horizon. There are several adjustments coming on the heels of this upgrade but the four major keynote changes are going to be New UFT editions, UFT Pro (previously LeanFT) has 2 major enhancements. Continue reading
Did you know that a car is manufactured pretty much 1 per second? This kind of productivity and efficiency is purely possible due to the automation using robots. There are several reasons why robots became popular. First and foremost, they don't get tired easily, they do exactly as they are programmed to do, and their productivity is not driven by emotions. Continue reading