Creating Customized KPIs

Benefits of Creating Customized KPIs in ALM Part 2 of 2

If you remember in part 1 of this blog, I shared that HP’s ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tool has functionality known as PPT or Project Planning and Tracking to help with measuring and tracking application readiness of an application release. Several out of the box KPI’s are included with the ALM software to help you […]

3 Great-Slider

3 Under-Utilized Great Features of HP ALM – Business Views Part 3 of 4

Remember in the last blog of this series, we discussed PPT, one of the great features that tend to be underutilized in HP’s ALM Quality Center Software. The second excellent feature I’ll be covering is Business Views.  It’s a feature that can assist your organization gain the maximum benefit from your ALM (v 11, v11.5 […]

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3 Under-Utilized Great Features of HP ALM – Project Planning and Tracking Part 2 of 4

The first under-utilized feature I’d like to address is Project Planning and Tracking.  Also referred to as simply PPT it was first introduced in ALM version 11.0 and has been carried over to the newest version 12. This feature allows your organization to track application readiness by defining goals for activities of an application release. […]

HP Quality Center to HP ALM

HP ALM Upgrade Benefits

HP ALM Upgrade Benefits How can your organization benefit from upgrading and installing HP ALM, QC 11 (Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center) software? With HP’s recent obsolescence announcement around Quality Center 10 and support no longer being available next year, you may not realize that if you currently have an active support contact for Quality […]

HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence

What the Heck is HP ALI?

What the Heck is HP ALI? Many of you are likely thinking, “Ok I just learned what ALM is, what the heck is ALI?” To put it simply, Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) brings traceability to artifacts and systems used by development teams to build the application. It allows users to link requirements, testing activities, and […]

Upgrade to ALM QC 11

Upgrade from HP Quality Center?

Upgrade from HP Quality Center? Upgrade your previous version of HP Quality Center to ALM/QC 11 to receive benefits galore! Right about now, you may be asking yourself a few questions including why would I want to/need to upgrade, what does ALM mean, how much does this cost and what benefits? These are great questions and thanks […]