HP ALM Upgrade Benefits

HP ALM Upgrade Benefits

HP ALM Upgrade Benefits

How can your organization benefit from upgrading and installing HP ALM, QC 11 (Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center) software?

With HP’s recent obsolescence announcement around Quality Center 10 and support no longer being available next year, you may not realize that if you currently have an active support contact for Quality Center that you are entitled to a no cost software upgrade to version 11. HP will allow you to upgrade from the same level to the same level of Quality Center by providing you the updated software files for install. if you would like to upgrade to a higher level (such as QC 10 Enterprise to ALM 11), there is a slight upcharge for this…

HP ALM QC version 11 has a number of cost and time saving benefits to keep in mind. Some of these features will help your organization better manage requirements, build/execute manual, automated and performance types of test cases, increase visibility of defects, plus gather and report on metrics with the touch of a button.

  • Only in ALM 11 can you find HP’s new PPT (Project Planning and Tracking) functionality that allows you to track application readiness by defining goals for activities of an application release. This functionality provides the opportunity to define these goals and activities at a more granular level and then use Milestones, KPI’s, Master Plan Gantt Charts and Scorecards to monitor, analyze and report on your progress.
  • If you gather and report metrics using manual processes, ALM 11 will speed up time to market by allowing the publishing and integration of graphs and scorecards directly from ALM to HTML types of pages (including Wiki & SharePoint), and the data will dynamically update when the information in ALM changes.
  • Are you using Agile? Great…How about downloading and installing the HP Agile Accelerator, which allows the ability to manage your Agile testing and development efforts right in the same ALM QC 11 project. This Agile Accelerator project has pre-built processes, workflows and terminology to help guide the Agile process, along with easy user roles/permissions and Agile types of reports and graphs.

Take advantage of these benefits today by installing and upgrading Quality Center to the latest and greatest version of ALM QC 11. To learn more or if you have any questions, please contact us at Checkpoint Technologies and we’ll be happy to help. Just my thoughts!

Author – David Broerman is Checkpoint Technologies Director of Software Support. Checkpoint Technologies is an HP Gold Partner who specializes in IT Quality Assurance and software testing, including mobile and application security.


What the Heck is HP ALI?

What the Heck is HP ALI?

What the Heck is HP ALI? Many of you are likely thinking, “Ok I just learned what ALM is, what the heck is ALI?” To put it simply, Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) brings traceability to artifacts and systems used by development teams to build the application. It allows users to link requirements, testing activities, and defects to source code at the release level. This allows developers to become seamlessly embedded into the application lifecycle, and Project Management may easily assess the risk and cost of code changes and apply additional resources in real-time as needed. As a result, you will see significantly reduced cycle times.

As a long time user, it has been my experience that it can be difficult to get developers to even log comments to a defect because they’re not familiar with the tool. Integrating them into the process and using the tool will make for better collaboration and faster defect triage and fixes.

ALI is embedded into ALM 11 and is not available with Quality Center 11. ALI allows HP ALM to integrate with subversion, CVS, AccuRev, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. ALI provides a REST-based open integration framework to integrate with any SCM system in the market. Read More by Clicking ALI 2.5.

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Upgrade from HP Quality Center?

Upgrade from HP Quality Center?

Upgrade from HP Quality Center? Upgrade your previous version of HP Quality Center to ALM/QC 11 to receive benefits galore! Right about now, you may be asking yourself a few questions including why would I want to/need to upgrade, what does ALM mean, how much does this cost and what benefits? These are great questions and thanks for asking!

ALM is Application Lifecycle Management and HP has essentially designed and built a common platform for a suite of integrated tools focused on managing the core application lifecycle activities of an organization, incorporating design,  delivery and even including operations. The most up to date version is 11 (which includes ALM/Quality Center software), and this tool now includes a number of cool features to better manage requirements, build/execute functional and automated or performance types of tests, defect management, reporting/analysis and even a dashboard.

  •  What if I told you that you can now publish and integrate your graphs and scorecards from ALM QC 11 on Wiki & SharePoint pages – and they will dynamically update when the data in the tool updates.
  • How about Sprinter, which is the manual test execution tool that acts like an automated tool or a cloned tester…Think of running your manual tests with more efficiencies including Data Injection from a Spreadsheet, Record and Playback Macros, Mirror Testing (multiple OS or Browsers simultaneously) and writing Smart Defects (including Movies and Annotation).

More amazing benefits coming next time as I tell you how a customer that upgraded from Quality Center to the newest version of ALM QC 11 reduced the size of their database by 65% and reduced the number of files in their ALM project from 8 million to 831K!

David Broerman Checkpoint Technologies Technical Manager (813) 818-8324
 Checkpoint Technologies, Inc. is a HP Specialist Partner, specializing in training, mentoring, staff augmentation, software product sales and consulting services within the software quality industry; with a focus in automated software testing and HP Mercury products. Web: www.checkpointech.com