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Why Test Automation Quickstarts Don't Work

02 Jan 2017

Imagine being blindfolded and transported to a location somewhere, anywhere in the world. The blindfold is removed and, having no idea where you are, you're told to make your way back to your hometown. And by the have a deadline. Impossible? No. Difficult?

That's the problem with so many Test Automation QuickStarts being offered today. They promise to get you "started" quickly and promise success. While they may get you started (in some direction) with some processes getting automated, it becomes obvious that an effort was never made to understand your starting point or your final destination!

At Checkpoint Technologies, we understand! We've assisted and enabled numerous organizations with the implementation of test automation (solutions, strategies, methodologies, and frameworks). Checkpoint Technologies offers a QuickStart with a Strategy! Our cost effective, customizable plan enables your QA and software testing team by providing:

  1. A detailed assessment to understand you're starting point (and current challenges)
  2. A roadmap to define your business objective and destination (and how to get there)
  3. Expert mentoring because team enablement and knowledge transference are keys to success
  4. Real-world work with test automation on its way at the end of the engagement
  5. A follow-up plan to provide coaching and ensure you're still heading in the right direction

Contact Us to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Last Modified: Tuesday 03 January 2017 07:17
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