6 Real-World Struggles When Adopting DevOps and a 30 minute consultation to start to solve them

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6 Real-World Struggles When Adopting DevOps

In today's IT landscape, speed is everything. Customers are demanding better applications faster, and with better quality than ever before. Because this trend continues to accelerate, its no wonder so many organizations are looking towards DevOps. The success rate of high-performing teams practicing DevOps is hard to ignore. Take for instance the 2017 State of DevOps Report which states those teams have: 

  • 46x more frequent code deployments 
  • 440x faster lead time from commit to deploy 
  • 96x faster mean time to recover from downtime 
  • 5x lower change failure rate 

The issue, however, is that those teams didn't get there overnight. Adopting DevOps in an organization, especially at the enterprise level, is very difficult. Checkpoint Technologies and Greenlight Group have been assisting organizations with this adoption more than ever before. During all the consults, assessments and more we have had, here are the 6 biggest struggles we see organizations having. 

  1. The ability to ensure maximum test coverage 
  2. Speed to automate to keep pace with releases and builds 
  3. Ensuring rapid, thorough and accurate build verification 
  4. What DevOps actually means for Operations 
  5. Ops role in pipeline definition and management 
  6. How does containerization impact DevOps for operations 

Do these struggles hit home? Do these struggles keep you up at night? What other struggles are you facing in your DevOps adoption? We want to help! Checkpoint Technologies and Greenlight Group, two industry experts, are offering a complimentary 30-minute consultation to you now! This is a limited time offering so don't miss this incredible and valuable opportunity.

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