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QA Process Assessment 

Our Professional Assessment Roadmap provides a senior engineer to evaluate your entire QA team, including individual QA and software testing skills and the utilization efficiency of your software tools. We'll provide a gap analysis and evaluation on the effectiveness of your processes. We cover all areas including requirements effectiveness and traceability, test planning and test case coverage, manual test cases, test automation, test execution, and defect management.

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automation assessment

Test Automation Assessment

Checkpoint Technologies is an industry expert in QA, software testing and functional, performance, and application security test automation. Our senior engineers have spoken at conferences throughout the world. We will assess your testing environment, tool configuration, and processes as it pertains to the most effective implementation of test automation. In addition, manual test cases will be analyzed and we will identify those that, when automated, will provide the greatest return-on-investment and those that are best left as a manual test case.

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