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VB Script for the Functional Tester

Effectively describing defects in a bug report is one of the most critical tasks that a tester performs. Developers must evaluate and try to recreate every defect reported and this costs both time and money. Being imprecise in a bug report can cause developers to waste valuable time trying to determine the meaning of the report and cost testers time and effort in information exchanges with the developer seeking clarification. Bad bug reporting can also cause legitimate defects to be dismissed as invalid. When bug reports from a tester are consistently incorrect, imprecise or confusing, the tester may lose credibility with the development team.

Exciting QA and Software Testing Trends to Watch for this Year(2021)!
An excerpt from this whitepaper: The biggest change I see coming in 2021 is the end of an era for a browser that has been around since the beginning. Internet Explorer (IE) is at its End of Life. Mark the date August 17th, 2021, IE will no longer be supported by Microsoft. What will this mean for tools that operate solely on IE, like Micro Focus’ ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solutions? We shall wait and see…


Test, But Verify!
This white paper is based on the Quality in a Quick video episode “The Value of Peer Reviews, Walkthroughs, and Inspections” which aired on YouTube on February 5th, 2018.

“Test, but verify”. I would have sworn that’s what I heard come from the television as I struggled to come up with a catchy title for this white paper based on one of our popular Quality in a Quick videosThe Value of Peer Reviews, Walkthroughs, and Inspections”. Turning to look at the television I realized “Joe Anchorman” on the local news had started a commentary on President Ronald Regan’s use of the phrase “Trust, but verify”. President Regan had used the English translation of the Russian proverb “Doveryai, no proveryai” quite often when discussing nuclear disarmament. Thank you Tampa Bay News Channel 9! Taking a bit of literary license, the perfect title for this white paper on the value of and techniques for implementing verification processes.

Internet of Things and Its Impact on Software Testing

Internet of Things and Its Impact on Software Testing
The Internet of Things might be a buzzword you know nothing about, but it’s something that can’t be ignored by software testers and developers alike. Find out how this trend of connected devices impacts the software testing industry.

Building an Effective Software Testing Practice

Building an Effective Software Testing Practice
This whitepaper outlines the role of testing in the software development lifecycle and focuses specifically on the test team activities and types of testing that can be implemented to improve software quality. Each of the testing roles and disciplines mentioned herein has strengths and blind spots. Recognizing the types of issues each is designed to uncover and the types of issues each will probably not find, is a large part of building an effective software testing practice.

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