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Tricentis qTest

About Tricentis

Agile and DevOps have made Continuous Testing essential. Yet, software testing is still dominated by legacy tools and outdated processes—which don’t meet the needs of today’s digital transformation initiatives.

With one of the industry’s top Continuous Testing platform, Tricentis is recognized for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Through agile test management and advanced test automation optimized to support over 150+ technologies, Tricentis provides automated insight into the business risks of software releases—transforming testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation.


Agile Test Management for the Enterprise

When you embed testing throughout your software delivery pipeline, your teams can both eliminate QA bottlenecks and improve the quality of your releases.

Tricentis qTest offers a suite of Agile testing tools designed to improve efficiency and ensure collaboration on your journey to release the best software.


No-code, Automated Continuous Testing

Tricentis Tosca, among the top Continuous Testing platforms, accelerates testing with a script-less, no-code approach for end-to-end test automation. With support for over 160+ technologies and enterprise applications, Tosca provides resilient test automation for any use case.


Distributed Load Testing

Tricentis Flood places cloud-based performance labs at the fingertips of every developer and tester for on-demand load testing.


Powerful “Worker Bots”

Tricentis has a 15-year track record solving some of the toughest automation challenges across Global 2000 companies. With RPA, Tricentis automates based on a deep understanding of 160+ technologies—so bots keep working when others break. Any user can create and update RPA’s resilient “no-code” bots in minutes.

Live Compare

Deliver SAP Updates 85% Faster with 100% Risk Coverage

Tricentis LiveCompare provides AI-powered impact analysis for SAP updates, exposing the risks to your critical business processes lurking in any standard or custom change, and tells you the most-at-risk areas that need to be tested.


Continuous Testing Analytics and Reporting

Tricentis Analytics provides portfolio level visibility through a predictive, BI reporting engine to consolidate, manage, and analyze activities across the Continuous Testing Platform for your enterprise agile and DevOps initiatives.

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