Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing

Functional and regression test automation for software applications

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing

A single solution for testing GUIs, APIs and multi-layer applications Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software, formerly known as QuickTest Professional, is an automated software testing solution addressing the challenges of constant change in technology and processes. Automation testing is a leap forward in modern applications, and it can dramatically improve software quality while cutting testing costs and complexity even in the most rapidly changing environments.

With its integration with Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management, UFT significantly enhances developer and tester productivity and collaboration.


Key Benefits:

  • Use a single GUI for automating all types of functional testing. This easy-to-use visual experience helps you create automated testing for both GUI functionality and the back-end service (application business logic) parts of an application
  • Jump-start creation of new automations by importing manual testing assets such as recordings. Convert the results into reusable test automation assets for regression and integration tests
  • Manage testing through the Agile development cycle by integrating it into continuous integration tools and making it part of your nightly build. Integrations help you create reusable test plans, share test assets, and manage versions
  • Test more with less effort: UFT supports integration with Business Process Testing, a test framework of reusable test components that enables testers to rapidly assemble tests by drag-and-drop
  • Don’t let new technologies derail your automated software testing. Patented Insight Test Automation recognizes unfamiliar objects as new technologies and incorporates them. You can complete the workflow and even perform actions on them such as clicking and entering data
  • Leverage the industry’s broadest technology support for all your testing needs. Automate testing for your wide variety of application types across browsers, APIs, mobile platforms, ERP applications, and legacy environments


Accelerate and simplify end-to-end functional testing with one intelligent solution that builds and automates tests for enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities.
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