Micro Focus Fortify

Ensure your security and development teams can quickly triage and fix application vulnerabilities
Application Security Testing

Micro Focus Fortify

With Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center Server, your security and development teams can quickly triage and fix vulnerabilities identified by Micro Focus static and dynamic analyzers. A collaborative web-based workspace and repository let them work together using role-specific interfaces. Detailed reference information, delivered to developers, describes problems and gives detailed instructions for fixing them in the programming language used for the code in question. So developers learn about secure coding practices while fixing vulnerabilities.

Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center can help you address immediate security issues in software you’ve already deployed, reduce systemic risk in software you’re developing or acquiring from vendors and ensure you meet compliance goals for internal and external security mandates.


Key Benefits:

  • Automated static code analyzer that identifies and pinpoints security vulnerabilities in source code early in the SDLC. Prioritizes the results and provides best practices so developers can code more securely. Available on-premise and on-demand
  • Simulate real-world attacks to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities at enterprise scale. Fortify WebInspect is our DAST offering with IAST capabilities that expand the coverage of the attack surface to include hidden directories and pages for better results
  • Sometimes vulnerabilities cannot be remediated. When vulnerabilities exist in your Java and .NET applications in production, block threats in real-time with Fortify Application Defender
  • Ensure applications that run your business are protected and secure. Visibility into your application security testing program where you can manage and track security testing activities, prioritize remediation efforts, and measure improvements using Fortify Software Security Center
  • Instill confidence by leveraging Micro Focus’ experienced testers to augment your testing team or manage a complete software security assurance program
  • Get max value from AppSec through hands-on training, personalized consulting, and customized implementation using best practices derived from Micro Focus’ Security Consulting Services global deployments

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