LoadRunner Cloud

Simple, Smart, and Scalable load testing solution for developers, testers, and performance engineers.

LoadRunner Cloud

Checkpoint Technologies provides expertise in all areas of Software Quality Assurance including process assessments, best practices, and software testing. Checkpoint Technologies’ certified Solution Architects have the skill to install, configure, customize, and implement the software testing solutions such as LoadRunner Cloud.

Learn more about our LoadRunner Cloud below.

LoadRunner Cloud (formerly named StormRunner Load): Provides a scalable, cloud-based mobile app, and website load-testing resources. This helps easily plan, run, and scale performance tests without the need to deploy and manage infrastructure. LoadRunner Cloud is part of the LoadRunner Family, a unified set of performance engineering solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Extreme scalability
  • Reduce hardware maintenance
  • Identify problems faster
  • Virtualize real network conditions
  • Leverage integration

Extreme scalability with cloud-based capabilities

Easily plan, run, and scale testing on a 100 % cloud-based load-testing service that supports web and mobile protocols. LoadRunner Cloud enables you to scale load testing to more than five million virtual-user tests. The elastic cloud, self-driving test lab can create dozens and hundreds of load generators on demand within few minutes in 20+ cloud regions around the world.

Reduce hardware maintenance

Scalable controllers and load generators are hosted in the cloud, simplifying infrastructure management, installation, and configuration. Your teams don’t have to waste time and energy managing the test infrastructure because it’s automatically created on demand when you need it.

Identify problems faster through efficient root cause analysis

Analytics help you easily interpret the test results to identify the performance profile of the application and determine the mitigation options. LoadRunner Cloud captures valuable metrics on how the application behaves under different virtual user loads. It enables comparison of multiple metrics from the old tests run, as well as the existing test run, to a benchmark.

Virtualize real network conditions

Apply network conditions during testing to uncover performance issues; it requires no script editing and places no limits on test scheduling. Test results and data are stored by emulated location for analysis. Load generators can emulate multiple locations, with unique network conditions and users, to create real-world conditions that affect the end-user experience.

Leverage integration

Use open source scripting tools like JMeter and Gatling, or integrate with their CI systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, AWS Code Pipeline and others to automatically run tests in the agile cycle. A rich selection of third-party tools to integrate with CI servers, offering flexibility and enabling testing and development teams to run as part of their builds.


Whether you want to test performance at a massive scale or require a collaborative, cloud-based solution for fast-moving Agile and DevOps teams, LoadRunner Cloud gives you the simplicity and scale that you need to test fast, rapidly pinpoint issues, and ultimately deliver high-performing applications.
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