Micro Focus WebInspect

Industry-leading penetration testing tool
Micro Focus WebInspect

Micro Focus WebInspect

Identify exploitable security vulnerabilities in web applications and services. Micro Focus WebInspect is an automated and configurable web application security and penetration testing tool that mimics real-world hacking techniques and attacks, enabling you to thoroughly analyze your complex web applications and services for security vulnerabilities.

By enabling you to test web applications from development through production, efficiently manage test results and distribute security knowledge throughout your organization, WebInspect empowers you to protect your most vulnerable entry points from attack.


Key Benefits:

  • Testing the dynamic behavior of running web applications and services to identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities. Goes beyond black box testing: Integrating dynamic and runtime analysis to find more vulnerabilities – and fix them faster
  • Optimize your testing resources. Advanced technologies, such as simultaneous crawl, bring professional-level testing to novice security testers
  • Easily inform management on vulnerability trending, compliance management, and ROI. Clearly communicate with development on the details and priorities of each vulnerability
  • Leverage prebuilt integrations for Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management and Quality Center and other security testing and management systems
  • Start quickly and scale as needed. WebInspect dynamic application security testing (DAST) is available on demand or as a licensed product
  • Build an enterprise-wide AppSec program that manages and provides visibility to all your applications. WebInspect Enterprise establishes a shared service to centralize results while distributing security intelligence

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