Managed Testing

Surviving the Storm of Test Automation
Managed Testing

Managed Testing Services

The power of best in breed software and the knowledge of Checkpoint Technologies consulting services on an engagement-by-engagement basis. We help you meet the demands placed on IT while saving you money and ensuring you meet the requirements of your business.

On-Point Project Based Testing Service

Our On-Point Project-Based Testing Services deliver results.

The Challenge

In today’s changing market, budget is tightly aligned with results. Timelines must be met and headcount carefully managed. As more and more demands are placed on IT, with far fewer dollars available to spend, the question becomes how to meet requirements of the business without impact to the customer or end-user. These are the issues we think about at Checkpoint Technologies. As your partner in business, we’re here to help.

Our prestigious service offering, On-Point Project-Based Testing Services, is a bold new way to approach your next IT implementation. We have partnered with Microfocus Software, the leading management software company, to deliver software testing solutions on an as-needed basis to our customers. For you, that means taking advantage of the power of Microfocus Software solutions and the knowledge and expertise of Checkpoint Technologies on an engagement-by-engagement basis.

How does it work?

We begin with a thorough analysis of your project and environment. Next, you will receive an On-Point Project-Based Testing Services proposal, outlining the scope of the project, timelines, and software we will use to complete your testing requirements. Depending on your needs, the project will include short-term, competitively priced term licenses for fully enabled Microfocus software such as:

  • Microfocus Application Lifecycle Management
  • Microfocus Quality Center
  • Microfocus QuickTest Professional
  • Microfocus Business Process Testing
  • Microfocus LoadRunner

“Our Project-Based Licensing Program allows Checkpoint Technologies to better meet customer requirements for project-by-project delivery of quality services powered by Microfocus Software. The result is services delivered on time, at a lower cost, and without the need to invest capital in software licenses.”

Bob CrewsPresident of Checkpoint Technologies

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