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Application Performance Testing

Identify issues before they impact your application.

Performance testing doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.  As software development methodologies and application infrastructures evolve, so should performance testing. Testing earlier in your application’s development process enables your company to proactively identify issues before they cost you time and money. Checkpoint Technologies pairs experienced software professionals with the leading tools and methodologies to help pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks before they become production problems.

Our team leverages the most complete performance testing solutions to flexibly meet your project needs and budget. Take advantage of our cloud based and on-premise performance testing options. Using real-time insights, simulations, and integrations with open source and third-party tools, Micro Focus LoadRunner products enable us to deliver innovative solutions to ensure your applications are properly performance tested.

Checkpoint Technologies offers unparalleled expertise in quality assurance and software testing to ensure our clients maximize the value of IT in their business. With extensive experience testing SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and custom applications, we are uniquely qualified to be your trusted partner in your application performance validation process.

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Benefits of Performance Testing

  • Ensure app stability
  • Makes app scalable
  • Improves load capacity
  • Helps increase response time
  • Reduce hardware and software costs
  • Improves user experience
  • Helps you anticipate change and evolution of your needs

Checkpoint Technologies is able to offer On Point Performance Testing engagement focused on the (4) Key Tests of performance testing that can, and should, be performed to validate your IT systems to ensure quality.

  1. Performance Testing: Provides information on the stability of your system under a constant user load.
  2. Reliability Testing: Focuses on the stability of a system under a constant user load for an extended period of time.
  3. Capacity Testing: Provides information on the maximum user capacity of a stand-alone system.
  4. Elasticity Testing: Measures the ability of a system to properly handle the logging on and off of its users.

A trusted partner in your application performance validation process.

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Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise – (formerly Performance Center): increased efficiency and reduced cost through collaborative performance load testing.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud – (formerly StormRunner Load): a scalable cloud-based mobile app, and website load-testing resources.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional – (formerly LoadRunner): a solution for application performance and load testing that identifies the most likely cause of performance issues.


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