Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise

The de-facto standard for enterprise performance testing
LoadRunner Enterprise

LoadRunner Enterprise

Checkpoint Technologies provides expertise in all areas of Software Quality Assurance including process assessments, best practices, and software testing. Checkpoint Technologies’ certified Solution Architects have the skill to install, configure, customize, and implement the software testing solutions such as LoadRunner Enterprise.

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LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly named Performance Center): Provides increased efficiency and reduced cost through collaborative performance load testing. Enterprise increased productivity with a collaborative performance load testing platform for globally distributed teams. LoadRunner Enterprise is part of the LoadRunner Family, a unified set of performance engineering solutions.

Key Features:

  • Increase team collaboration
  • Share assets and scripts
  • Simulate real-world conditions
  • Improved Quality

Increase team collaboration

LoadRunner Enterprise is a web-based, globally accessible platform that facilitates enterprise-wide testing and collaboration. Plan and execute tests across multiple concurrent projects and people by sharing software and hardware resources. Globally distributed teams share a common testing infrastructure and can execute multiple performance tests continuously.

Share assets and scripts

Gain efficiencies with 24×7 Web access to testing operations-including uploading scripts, scheduling load tests, creating test scenarios, running multiple load tests, monitoring executions, and analyzing results. Load testing goals, scripts, scenarios, results, users, and resources are managed in the context of a project, enabling smaller projects to share the assets.

Simulate real-world conditions

Optimize application performance prior to deployment with built in Network Virtualization to improve the accuracy of performance tests. The NV software requires no script editing and places no limits on scheduling. LG’s can emulate multiple locations and users to recreate real-world conditions. Use actual production profiles and data to replicate application behavior.

Improved Quality

Improve quality with performance testing across any application type or protocol, with support for more than 50 protocols and technologies including web, mobile, and CI/CD tools. LoadRunner Enterprise provides a broad range of coverage and support for strategic IT initiatives from ERP/CRM deployments and upgrades to application modernization initiatives.


Micro Focus® LoadRunner Enterprise software is an enterprise-class performance engineering software, designed to facilitate standardization, centralization, global collaboration, and management of a performance engineering center of excellence.
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