Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional

Generate real-life loads while identifying and diagnosing potential problems

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional

Checkpoint Technologies provides expertise in all areas of Software Quality Assurance including process assessments, best practices, and software testing. Checkpoint Technologies’ certified Solution Architects have the skill to install, configure, customize, and implement the software testing solutions such as LoadRunner Professional.

Learn more about our LoadRunner Professional below.

LoadRunner Professional (formerly named LoadRunner) provides an on-premises solution for application performance and load testing that identifies the most likely cause of performance issues. It simplifies testing with a project-based testing solution supporting the widest range of technologies and protocols in the industry. LoadRunner Professional is part of the LoadRunner Family, a unified set of performance engineering solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified testing
  • Faster testing
  • Boost confidence
  • Gain cost efficiencies

Simplified testing

LoadRunner Professional supports performance testing for a wide range of application environments and protocols, including Web/Mobile, Web ser­vices, MQTT, HTML5, WebSockets, RDP, Database, Remote Terminal Emulators, Citrix, Java, .NET, Oracle, and SAP. The scripting and debugging engine leverages data extensions and correlation studio to reduce the time spent scripting.

Test faster

LoadRunner Professional provides IDE to integrate with development environ­ments; enabling de­velopers to run unit tests using the LoadRunner Professional engine. Developers can create LoadRunner Professional scripts directly within the IDE, enabling performance testing ear­lier in the application lifecycle.

Boost confidence

LoadRunner Professional reproduces real business processes. Scripts can be easily modi­fied to emulate real user behavior. It emulates hundreds or thou­sands of concurrent virtual users, (with minimal hardware), to apply accurate workloads to any application and capture end-user response times for business processes and transactions, ensuring that applications meet requirements.

Gain cost efficiencies

Gain efficiencies with reduced provisioning time, regardless of where applications are run­ning. Use cloud testing, to quickly scale up tests to meet the application demands, reducing the cost and overhead of managing dedicated machines. Seamlessly leverage the public cloud to deploy LG’s to scale based on per­formance testing needs, without complicated network configuration.


Test Fast and Smart with LoadRunner Professional

How are your apps performing? The many moving parts in modern apps can easily become points of failure. You need a comprehensive load testing tool that gives you an accurate view of performance so you can fix any issues before go-live.
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