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Mobile Labs GigaFox

Available on-premises, hosted and/or as hybrid cloud solution, GigaFox boosts mobile DevOps through streamlined device management, collaboration, and improved performance and speed when testing apps.

The low-cost device access management solution enables 24×7 access to testing assets from any geographic location and supports both automated and manual mobile application testing.

With GigaFox you can:

  • Remotely add, disable or reboot devices as needed
  • Force close devices as needed, with the device automatically returning to ‘Available’ status
  • Track any device or group of devices by individual device name, manufacturer, model number or OS version
  • View device inventory in real time
  • Filter device inventory by available, in use, in use by a selected user or by device platform
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GigaFox speeds the deployment of your enterprise’s mobile apps, generating an almost immediate ROI.
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