Proactive Testing


Virtual Intensive Seminar Instructor-led course using GoToWebinar


Wednesday 2/17 and Thursday 2/18 (10am ET – 6pm ET)

Brief Overview:

Win Testing Advocates by Helping Deliver Projects Faster, Cheaper, and Better
Proactive Testing™ enables you to do more effective testing in less time, while also providing the value that overcomes traditional user, manager, and developer resistance. Applying special techniques that spot many of the highest yet ordinarily-overlooked risks, Proactive Testing™ makes sure the most important unit/component, integration/assembly, system, and UAT testing is done in available time. Moreover, by catching more defects earlier when they are easier to fix, and actually preventing many showstoppers and other errors, Proactive Testing™ also can cut developers’ time, effort, and aggravation. After establishing core concepts, this interactive workshop shows Proactive ways to apply powerful proven structured test planning and design techniques that produce value, not busywork. To enhance learning, participants practice each key technique in a series of exercises with various aspects of a real case fact situation.

Presenter: Robin Goldsmith

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