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The qTest software testing platform offers best-in-class integrations
QASymphony qTest

QASymphony qTest

With QA Symphony’s qTest Manager test case management becomes faster, more efficient, and just plain easier. Nothing about it is complicated or bogged down, just an effortless endeavor into software testing.

Test Case Management 

Through QA Symphony’s Test Case Management, it’s a simple 1-2-3 to track, organize, and report testing activities. Seamless integration with JIRA and other platforms in real-time make efficiency a top priority. Connecting to more than 40 distinctive software development applications reduces the stress for testers to work across multiple platforms. Also with beginning to end coverage of your testing life cycle, it’s easy to assign and execute tests quickly and simply. Using the JIRA integration to organize the flexible configurations of modern UI testing through reliable scalability that’s easy ramp up at an astounding speed.

Manage & Track Executions 

The simple organization of layered capabilities lets you set goals clearly and concisely while using any methodology of your choosing. Whether it’s manual, automated, or exploratory testing, qTest manager has you in sync. Logging defects and requirements easily surpass expectations. The intuitive test execution of qTest Manager’s UI throws off the limitations of test run organization and lets you take control over batch assignments and test quickly without learning the user interface.

Centralized and Organize 

A centralized repository for test cases, whether manual, exploratory, or automated all in one place for easy access and quick reference. Within the repository test cases are intelligently categorized for execution including: new feature, regression, and application areas. Test steps become reusable so they can be used in routine scripts. This allows the filtering to a singular point of maintenance when organizing your test scripts.

Test Metrics and Reporting 

With out of the box reporting qTest Manager does the heavy lifting. Gone are the days of toiling over quality, coverage, and velocity reports, from cross-project reporting to forecast metrics you should be covered. There are multiple filter options to consolidate report creation and delivery. The easy sharing of reports allows you to schedule and send reports to anyone from stakeholders to janitors with the click of a button. There is no more sifting through SQL queries, just select the data and it displays.

Productivity and Customize 

The classic tree structure allows for a drag and drop interface that’s both familiar and innovative, moving test steps from folders or other projects altogether. Solid grid analysis shows who ran a test and what configurations they used. Assigning test runs to employees is as easy as point and click. Clone entire test case repositories for other projects as well as settings and testing becomes easy, breezy, beautiful.

QA Test Manager

Powerful and Easy-to-use Test Case Management

Take the pain out of test case management. Track, organize, and report on all testing activities through one lighting fast, easy-to-use interface.

QA Test Explorer

Groundbreaking Exploratory Testing & Documentation Tool

Say goodbye to manual screen grabs and tedious documentation. Say hello to qTest Explorer, a smarter exploratory testing tool.

QA Test Insights

Actionable, Real-Time Test Metrics with qTest Insights

qTest Insights is a complete reinvention of qTest reporting. Insights gives the testing team a self-service business intelligence tool to consolidate, manage and analyze all your test metrics.

QA Test Pulse

Continuous Delivery Meets Continuous Quality

qTest Pulse’s integration with Agile ALM and version control tools is critical — it’s the missing link between testers, work-flow management, and reporting that will give you an accelerated DevOps pipeline and full-circle traceability.


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