5 ways your company can avoid a security breach

5 ways your company can avoid a security breach

5 ways your company can avoid a security breach

Nowadays, the risk of a data breach or security breach is higher than ever before! Especially for companies that posses some sort of critical information assets. Information assets such as customer data, trade secrets, intellectual property and corporate data are, at present time, often at risk of being hacked and leaked.

Hence, in order to monitor and protect such sensitive information from hackers, companies are expected to take some risk-reducing steps.

Here are 5 ways in which any company can significantly reduce the risk of a potential security breach.

1. Security awareness training 

If done correctly and if done often enough, end-user security awareness training can be very beneficial! Such training can influence the mindset of the insiders! This is the first and most important step in avoiding security breaches!

Trained and informed insiders know how to eliminate mistakes that could result in a security breach. Such insiders can also notice odd behavior more easily! Once the people inside the company know what to look for, they can spot malicious insiders or fraudsters almost immediately!

The lack of IT security awareness paves the path towards more and more security breaches. Therefore, educating the insiders, first and foremost, is the most effective way of fighting the risk of data breaches.

2. Backup 

A lot of information gets lost simply because it was not backed up properly. Studies show that even though companies are aware of potential security breaches, many still do not have their data backed up.

A remote data backup service is more than needed when trying to manage the data-loss risk. Such backup service allows the company to use the Internet and the cloud services to back up safely and effectively. This is far more convenient than using the traditional tapes that can be easily lost, damaged or, in the worst case scenario, stolen.

3. Change the default passwords 

Having a not-so-easy-to-crack password is crucial in fighting data breaches. It is surprising how many people nowadays still use generic passwords that are darn easy to guess! So, try to find a password that combines letters, numbers and special characters.

Additionally, do not reuse passwords. Having one same password for multiple things makes the job that much easier for the bad guys, and no one wants that, right?

4. Update on regular basis 

The very best way to fight outside breach attempts is to keep everything, from your operating system to your application software up to date! An operating system and applications that are not vulnerable are more difficult to exploit.

5. Implement a security plan

No matter how big the company is, having a security plan in place is invaluable. Thus, try to come up with a security plan that fits your company’s needs best and enforce it. When the company is in panic-mode, such plan will help provide solid solutions fast and easy!

Even though completely eliminating security breaches is an impossible task, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything possible to thwart attackers. Keep our tips in mind and make sure you do everything you can in order to help your company lower the risk of data breaches.

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