Essentials of Software Testing

Course Title: Essentials of Software Testing

Course time:  1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Course dates:

  • Tuesday               10/26
  • Thursday             10/28
  • Tuesday               11/2
  • Thursday             11/4

Cost: $300 per student

  • Group discounts available for groups of 3 or more
  • Company discounts available for 3 or more students from same company

The past 18 months have created a variety of staffing and hiring challenges for many organizations.  When the economy faltered due to the pandemic many businesses were forced to decrease the size of their staff.  Additionally, resources may have been released due to their difficulty with working remotely (from home).  As businesses have started to recover, they are hiring again!  However, they’re finding that acquiring talented Quality Assurance Analysts and Software Test Engineers is extremely difficult during these times and the processes in doing so has changed significantly!

How are organizations overcoming these hurdles?  One way is by taking employees from other areas of the business, or hiring inexperienced resources, and educating them in the areas of Quality Assurance and Software Testing.  For some this is effective, for most it is not.  Why?  Because training others in QA and Software Testing is not their primary business!  That’s why Checkpoint Technologies and our Essentials of Software Testing course provides such significant value.  We understand effective, efficient software testing is much more then executing steps defined in a test case.  Quality Assurance and Software Testing are our passion!

If you’re an organization seeking to educate QA and Testing team members or an individual looking to start a career in Quality Assurance and Software Testing, this course will:

  • Set a solid foundation of functional software testing and planning knowledge
  • Stress the importance of developing a team culture and individual mindset of quality
  • Explain the difference between software testing and quality assurance processes
  • Teach why foundational concepts are critical in Agile, DevOps, and Hybrid models
  • Emphasize how to design tests that are more maintainable, effective, and efficient
  • Cover concepts to maximize coverage while decreasing test cases and test data

While all concepts of Quality Assurance and Software Testing cannot possibly be taught in one day…a solid foundation can absolutely be set!  Contact us TODAY!

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