Four Score and Mobile Center 2.50 update ago

Four Score and Mobile Center 2.50 update ago

Four Score and Mobile Center 2.50 update ago

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “Mobile phones are the wave of the future” and that’s not the only thing he was right about. We are living in the age of mobility and if you’re not on the go you might as well get in your horse and buggy and ride off into the sunset. Microfocus’s Mobile Center is the single mobility gateway that’s meant to assist you in testing, monitoring, and overall improvement for your apps. Now with the new 2.50 update, there is a bevy of new enhancements to make sure your app will be the new Ferrari in the Amish parking lot.

Starting with the Cross-platform code-signing of Agent and Launcher apps, you can now code-sign without the requirement of running macOS. This simplifies the automation process of re-signing by providing the HPMC Enabler utility for Mac and Linux. Which is the real-life equivalent of high-fiving a unicorn!

Enhanced Network Virtualization now supports downloading an NV HAR so you can easily and skillfully generate load tests. With network virtualization in the cloud the need for downloading and installing anything has been rendered virtually obsolete, so now you can work like Bob Ross in the “happy little clouds”. Also, a centralized connector management tool allows you to view IP addresses, installed versions, status, and connector names. This makes the headache of lab management seem like a fat guy on a slip and slide, it just goes smoothly.

The most exciting new enhancement for me seems to be the device control panel enhancements. The copy text to device feature allows you to paste text to an input field which will save you miles of typing and hours of achy joints enabling you to give plenty of hearty “thumbs up” and “high fives” when celebrating your accomplishments! You can also automatically install the app to the device at the end of ad-hoc testing sessions and use NV as part of that ad-hoc testing. When latency is high, so are tempers usually. Well, no more I say now that Microfocus has generously bequeathed an image quality control allowing you to adjust the resolution of displayed images on the device. It’s like Yahtzee meets the Transformers, the awesomeness will abound.

Like Harry Potter, the new set-up wizards will have you “expecto patronum-ing” a smooth step-by-step connection to a device via Mobile Center and configure the device network virtualization. Plus, with iOS provisioning improvements, you’ll know if apps are signed with an Enterprise or Development certificate and which devices they can be installed on. With all these new enhancements, you’ll be as powerful as Dumbledore.

All these combined with much more should give any engineer a good reason to upgrade and fast. So if you’re ready to give up the horse and buggy and jump into the driver’s seat, whether it be training, consulting, or assessments, look no further than Checkpoint Technologies for all your software testing needs where Software Quality is Assured.

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